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Module assembly

Module assembly
[Example:reader/writer module for RFID application]
Module assembly
[Example:GPS down converter Module]
Module assembly
[Example:ZigBee compliant wireless module]

The high density module is the solution of demands for mobile equipment which require higher speeds, multifunctionality and smaller sizes. These modules are able to achieve technical and form factor requirements with reasonable cost, and turn key solutions from designing, assembly to testing is supported.
A great variety of assembly technology such as wire bonding, flipchip, and small passive component attach are possible to complete high density modules.
Solutions for radio frequency applications such as GPS modules are provided. Total solution including lens design, module design, module assembly and test are offered with high yield and clean environment for camera module assembly.

Product name Concept
Module Assembly Small high performance module with great variety of assembly technology
Camera Module Assembly Provide Camera module assembly for small form factor with reasonable cost and high yield.

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