Message from the President

We aim to contribute to the sound
development of society through a variety
of our technologies that connect the
marvelous features of semiconductors
with people’s lives.

President and Representative Director
Masami Fujita

SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. has developed its business as a global company that provides total solutions in semiconductor backend processing. Our core technologies in semiconductor packaging have been developed and advanced from a wide range of perspectives.

The evolution of semiconductors has made our lives more convenient and safer through the various products that support today’s digital society. PCs, servers, smartphones, and automobiles with their electric motors and autonomous driving technologies have seen significant advancements. Also, semiconductors have brought about changes in economic and societal systems through the spread of IoT, big data, AI and the like, and they have led to the creation of never-before-seen innovation in wide ranging fields.

SHINKO will continue to carry out cutting-edge product development based on our interconnection technology that joins IC chips and substrates. Our goal is to provide rapid responses to movements in the markets and to changes in technology brought about by the Information Communications Technology society, and to make continuous efforts in innovating manufacturing. At the same time, SHINKO will aim to contribute to its customers’ businesses through accurately comprehending their wide-ranging and diverse needs while also succeeding in our own development and growth activities.

Through the implementation of the “SHINKO Way,” which sets out guidelines for action for the Shinko Group, we will develop our business and remain a company that is trusted by all stakeholders. We will continually boost our corporate value, constantly promote business according to a management stance of “warmth for all individuals and the global environment,” and contribute to the sound development of society.

Moving forward, we look forward to your continued support and encouragement.