Occupational Safety and Health

In line with the Corporate Values of the Shinko Way, the Shinko Group provides environments where employees can work safely and comfortably, and strives to ensure employee safety. We have put in place a company-wide safety and health plus fire and disaster prevention promotion system. We have adopted a management system approach to pursue continual improvements in the level of health, safety, and disaster prevention. As part of this, all employees participate actively in health, safety, and disaster prevention initiatives.

Creating Safe and Comfortable Working Environments

We have established the Company-wide Basic Policy on Safety and Health Plus Fire and Disaster Prevention to promote these activities.

Company-wide Basic Policy on Safety and Health Plus Fire and Disaster Prevention

Ensuring employee safety and health is a top-priority issue for us, and we put the protection of safety as well as mental and physical health first in all our business operations. In accordance with the following policy, we will make concerted, company-wide efforts to participate actively in safety and health initiatives as well as fire and disaster prevention initiatives, to create accident-free, safe, and comfortable working environments.

  1. We will promote safety and health initiatives as well as fire and disaster prevention initiatives in accordance with laws, regulations, and requirements related to safety and health as well as fire and disaster prevention.
  2. We will promote systematic safety awareness and the safety of every employee to prevent accidents caused by carelessness and unsafe behavior.
  3. In addition to identifying and assessing dangers and causes of harm in the workplace and continuously striving to strengthen and promote risk reduction activities, we will seek to take preventive measures against disaster and to fundamentally improve safety by actively promoting the visualization of residual risk.
  4. We will improve employees’ health management awareness and create workplace environments where employees can work energetically in good physical and mental health.
  5. We have established a fire and disaster prevention system based on “Company-wide Disaster Prevention Guidelines” and we provide necessary and sufficient education and training to employees on an ongoing basis, with the aim of minimizing casualties in the event of a disaster.

Representative Director of Board, President

Safety and Health Plus Fire and Disaster Prevention Promotion System

To promote these systems, each plant sets up a safety and health committee and a fire and disaster prevention committee to deliberate and implement plant-based initiatives related to safety and health as well as fire and disaster prevention. Plants also share information with each other about accidents that have occurred within the Company and countermeasures taken in an effort to prevent similar accidents.
We have also established a central committee on safety and health plus fire and disaster prevention, chaired by the President, to oversee each plant’s activities, analyze accidents that have occurred, establish company-wide measures and goals related to safety and health plus fire and disaster prevention, manage the progress of measures, work through the PDCA cycle to verify the effects of measures and make improvements, and raise the level of safety and health.


Initiatives to Raise Employee Awareness of Safety and Health

In addition to daily safety guidance, we provide practical skills training for new graduates and mid-career hires working at manufacturing sites, annual safety and health training for all employees, rank-specific safety and health training, and periodic emergency drills. Since FY2022, in order to improve the hazard sensitivity of workers, we have conducted "hazard perception education" in which we used special equipment to simulate industrial accidents. In conjunction with nationwide activities such as the national Safety Week in July and Occupational Health Week in October, we encourage all employees to participate in initiatives such as the solicitation of safety and health slogans. Through such initiatives, we are striving to boost the safety and health awareness of all employees.

安全と健康(危険体感教育).pngHazard perception education to improve the hazard sensitivity

Autonomous Safety Initiatives in the Manufacturing Workplace

We have established Risk Assessment Standards and conduct risk assessments when starting a new operation, when changing an operational method, and for all operations once a year to reveal and assess potential risks, and carry out efforts to rectify dangerous points. To systematically reduce the danger of identified risks, each plant manages the progress of corrections and reports to the Central Committee on Safety and Health Plus Fire and Disaster Prevention.

Status of Occupational Accidents

Our occupational accident frequency rate remains at a level below the nationwide average for the manufacturing industry, and in FY2023, we had no accidents resulting in death or residual disability nor any similarly serious accidents.


Note: Frequency rate: An index indicating the frequency of industrial accidents, calculated based on the number of casualties due to industrial accidents (one day or more of absence from work and loss of body parts or functions) per 1 million total actual working hours

Hygiene Management, Health Management, and Health Promotion Initiatives

We are committed to creating workplaces where employees can work safely and comfortably. Accordingly, in addition to regular monitoring of the work environment (noise, luminance, and heatstroke indicators), we have industrial doctors and nurses (public health nurses or registered nurses) perform the following actions.

  • In addition to statutory general and special health exams, we have specific health exams based on an employee’s age (with 100% participation) and provide specific health guidance based on the results. We subsidize the cost of gynecological, neurological, and lung checkups for early detection and treatment of disease. We also give inhouse seasonal flu shots as a way to subsidize their cost and protect against infectious diseases.
  • We issue a regular Health Room Newsletter based on analyses of health examination results and provide information related to health promotion to foster self-care awareness among each and every employee.
  • We have established a Health Measurement Corner in rest areas. The Health Measurement Corner lends out pedometers and tape measures and offers health measurement devices such as body composition analyzers, and blood pressure gauges, that employees are free to use.

We also promote healthy activities, such as walking, using a smartphone app and events that encourage people to stop smoking. Our cafeterias offer nutritionally balanced “smart meals” containing food items that contribute to health, as well as meals tailored to healthy themes on Food Education Day (19th of every month). In these ways, we cooperate with employee cafeterias and health insurance association to help employees maintain and increase their health.

Mental Health Care

Industrial doctors and nurses consult with employees about mental health care at the Health Room in each plant.
Also, mental health education with the goal of raising awareness of mental-health issues is implemented according to rank, such as managerial, mid-career and new-hire employees. We work on preventive measures for mental illness among employees while promoting both self-care and managerial care to detect and treat issues at an early stage.
In addition, we conduct annual stress checks with the aim of preventing (primary prevention) poor mental health and we provide general managers of divisions with feedback on group analysis results. We also promote active efforts to improve the workplace environment and enrich dialogue, including through skills development training for the leader class.

Certified as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024

In March 2024, we were recognized as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024 (Large Enterprise Category) for the sixth year in a row. These organizations are companies with outstanding health and productivity management jointly selected by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. We place the highest priority on management issues involving employee safety and health maintenance and engaged in a variety of initiatives in support of these efforts. By verifying and assessing their results, we will maintain our pursuit of continuous improvements to increase the efficacy of these measures and tailor them to individual situations.