IC Assembly

Device Embedded Package ~MCeP®~

*MCeP (Molded Core embedded Package) is a patented, registered trademark of SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.


MCeP® is a semiconductor package that contains IC chips and active/passive components, and one of Molded Embedded Package (MEP).
MCeP® is a compact and thin package developed by SHINKO’s unique semiconductor packaging technology. This package, having superior electrical characteristics and high reliability, is used in small-sized electronic devices and various modules.


    • Assembles IC chips and active/passive components with conventional assembly processes
    • Robust semiconductor package structure achieving low warpage while combining small size and low profile
    • Flip chip connectivity that supports fine pad pitch
    • High design flexibility on package surface
    • High assembly yield and high reliability backed by a wealth of mass production achievements



Standard MCeP®


MCeP® Options (under development)

  • AiP/AoP (Antenna in Package/Antenna on Package)
    • Single compact package containing both high-frequency (RF) chip and antenna


  • Modules
    • Compact module containing multiple IC chips and components. Another device can be mounted on the surface of this package


  • PoP (Package on Package)
    • Multi-purpose packages or modules such as memory can be mounted on the top of MCeP®


  • Multi-Chip Package


  • Enhanced thermal performance modules
    • Structure with improved thermal dissipation transfers heat through leadframe to PCB (Printed Circuit Board)



  • Application processors for mobile devices
  • Application processors for AR/VR
  • Image processors
  • Application processors for drones
  • IoT products (smartwatches, etc.)
  • Antenna packages
  • Sensor packages
  • Memory controllers for SSD
  • Driver status monitors for automobiles

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