IC Assembly

Lidded Flip-Chip Package


SHINKO provides a high-heat-dissipation flip-chip package that radiates heat to a heat spreader (lid) from the back side of an IC chip through the TIM (Thermal Interface Material).


  • With the back side of the chip exposed from the mold resin, heat generated from the IC chip is dissipated directly to the lid
  • High quality and low price are realized by adopting an in-house leadframe as the lid
  • Various types of flip-chip bonding technology with high density IC chips are available
  • A molded exposed die structure under the lid enables low package warpage with a thin substrate.
  • 4 to 6 layers substrates with 200 μm thickness core suitable for this package
  • Has been applied up to AEC-Q100 grade 2 capable automotive devices




Options (under development)

  • Built-in component



  • Application processors for car navigation
  • Application processors for drones
  • Image processors
  • IC packages for SSD controllers
  • Processors for servers
  • LSI packages requiring high-heat dissipation

Technical Document (Download)


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