Social Contribution Activities

Coexistence with Local Communities

Plant Tours

We provide opportunities for learning through plant tours to a wide range of students from elementary school students to university students. This is an opportunity for local students, who will lead the next generation, to experience our advanced technological capabilities that carry on in the spirit of monozukuri .

Tour of the Arai Plant by high school students

Awareness Campaigns on Traffic Safety

In conjunction with the National Traffic Safety Campaign, we conduct awareness campaigns on traffic safety.
We received a traffic safety merit award from the director of the Nagano Prefecture Traffic Safety Association (the governor of Nagano Prefecture) in recognition of the raising awareness of children and senior citizens at intersections and crosswalks near our plants in 2020. To help realize a society with zero traffic accidents, we will work together with local residents to encourage people to observe all traffic rules and to practice traffic safety.

Campaign for raising awareness of traffic safety on a neighborhood sidewalk (Kohoku Plant)

About Kurita Sogo Center

The Kurita Plant, the former head office plant, had been the main plant for about half a century, since being established in 1957, and it supplied a range of products to the market. When the plant opened, the surrounding area was a tranquil environment with rice paddies spreading out in every direction. However, with the rapid development of the area and its transformation into a residential neighborhood, the entire plant was demolished and rebuilt. Today, the Kurita Sogo Center, the replacement, is surrounded by lush greenery to harmonize with the local community.
The Kurita Sogo Center is a place of recreation and relaxation where people passing by can experience a breath of nature in each of the four seasons, including cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall.

Kurita Sogo Center (Nagano City)

Initiatives at Overseas Sites

SHINKO ELECTRONICS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. (SEM: Malaysia) makes donations to an orphanage. SEM also donates food and clothing, in addition to money. Moreover, SEM employees visit the orphanage and spend time with the children.

Visit to an orphanage