Supply Chain

Shinko Procurement Policy

We strive to build long-term relationships of trust with our suppliers, acting as good business partners that enhance each otherʼs capabilities for mutual prosperity and productive coexistence together. For the procurement of goods, components, software, and services required in our business activities, we have established the Shinko Procurement Policy and are conducting procurement activities in accordance with the four policies.

Coexistence with Suppliers

We strive to establish a relationship of coexistence in which Shinko and our suppliers, as good business partners, build a long-term trustful relationship and close cooperation based on continuous efforts and improvements on both sides and thereby prosper together.

Fair Trade (Fair, transparent, proper evaluation and selection)

We promote fair, transparent and free competition and do not engage in any illicit trade.
We provide open and fair access to companies that wish to become new suppliers.
We evaluate and select suppliers comprehensively based on such criteria as credibility as an enterprise; technology; quality, price and delivery of procurement items; and the level of engagement with environmental protection initiatives.

Compliance with Laws and Social Norms

We adhere to applicable laws and social norms in our procurement operations and are committed to working with suppliers to fulfill our social responsibility in the supply chain.

Protection of the Global Environment

We promote green procurement throughout the entire supply chain by requesting suppliers to establish environmental management systems and control of chemical substances.