Environmental Action Program

Environmental Action Program

The Environmental Action Program sets forth the short-term target for concrete efforts to achieve the medium-to long-term environmental targets.
Since Stage 11, all of the Shinko Group's sites in Japan have been covered by the Environmental Action Program, in line with the scope of our medium- to long-term environmental goals. As a result, we have redoubled our efforts to realize a sustainable society.
Note: Up until Environmental Action Program (Stage 10), the target was the scope of activities of the environmental management system, and therefore, a site in Japan (SHINKO R&D Center) was excluded.

Environmental Action Program (Stage 10)

Environmental Action Program (Stage 10) set forth the environmental targets to be achieved in the 2 years from FY2021 to FY2022. To the existing themes of "climate change" and "resource circulation," we added the new theme of "living in harmony with nature," and all targets were achieved by the final year of FY2022. In particular, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions under the theme of climate change greatly exceeded the target.

Applicable to: scope of Environmental Management System activities

1 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Because we are substantially ahead of schedule on the medium-to long-term environmental targets, the target was changed midterm from an 8.4% reduction compared to base year (FY2020) to a 11.2% reduction for the 2 years from FY2021 to FY2022.
2 Reduction of water use
Reflecting the results for FY2021, we changed the water consumption reduction target for the end of FY2022 from 1% (38,000 m3) equivalent to the FY2020 consumption to a 2% (76,000 m3) reduction.

Environmental Action Program (Stage 11)

Environmental Action Program (Stage 11) sets forth specific environmental targets to be achieved in the 3 years from FY2023 to FY2025. Under the theme of "resource circulation," we will launch new activities related to plastic reduction. In addition, under the theme of "living in harmony with nature," we will strive to reduce the negative impact on ecosystems by promoting activities based on the recognition that efforts to reduce environmental impact in our business activities contribute to living in harmony with nature.

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