Corporate Information/Management

When was SHINKO established?

SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. was established in September 12,1946.

What are the major businesses of SHINKO?

We are principally engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of semiconductor packages, which are indispensable for a variety of electronic products such as personal computers and mobile phones. See “Our Business” for details.

Tell us SHINKO’s approach to environmental preservation activities.

Under the basic idea of “Harmony between global environment and corporate activities,” SHINKO has positioned environmental issues as a management priority and has promoted various environmental preservation activities such as plant waste treatment measures, the reduction of chemical substance emissions, energy conservation and the development of green products. See “Environmental Activities” for details.

What is SHINKO’s stock code?

Our stock code is 6967.

When did SHINKO list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

SHINKO listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 1984 and on the First Section in September 1996.


When is the announcement of financial results?

SHINKO’s financial statements are announced every year as follows:

Accounts are closed as of March 31.
Annual financial statements for the year ended March 31 are announced at the end of April.
Financial statements for the first quarter are announced at the end of July.
Interim financial statements for the interim period are announced at the end of October.
Financial statements for the third quarter are announced at the end of January.
Please see “IR Calendar” for details.


How many shares form a minimum unit for a stock transaction?

One unit of a stock transaction is 100 shares.

Tell me the amounts of the cash dividend per share in recent years.

See “Cash Dividend per Share”for the amounts of the cash dividend per share.

When is the general meeting of shareholders annually?

Ordinary general meeting of shareholders is held in late June every year. Please check the IR Calendar for accurate dates.