IC Assembly

Power Device Package ~POL~
(under development)

*POL (Power Overlay)


POL is a power semiconductor specific package technique by which electrode connection and wiring are performed by using printed circuit board manufacturing technology.
POL assures high precision and stable shape reproducibility. The low conduction resistance and high-speed switching performance of not only Si power semiconductors but also new material power semiconductors such as SiC and GaN can be maximized.


  • High dimensional precision and stable shape reproducibility of power circuit connection and wiring are provided by the pholithography technology of substrate manufacturing process
  • High reliability is achieved by direct copper joints (plated metal connection) of die to substrate patterning
  • Power device specific materials (i.e., thick copper plating, substrate materials, and adhesives) applied to high voltage, large current and high heat dissipation devices
  • Development of the power supply units with low conduction loss, low switching loss, short switching dead time and high heat dissipation
  • Achieve small form factor, lightweight, high efficiency and long lifetime for power system





  • Inverters, converters, switches, etc., for drive motors in aircrafts and large industrial equipment
  • Inverters and converters for xEV drive motors
  • Inverters, converters, switches, etc., for power conversion equipment in energy generation and storage
  • Custom design switching power supply units (electromechanical devices, etc.)

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