Environmental Policy

We have defined our responsibilities toward the global environment in an Environmental Policy, so that we can contribute to a healthy environment and rich society that will be handed down to future generations.
We developed the “Shinko Environmental Charter” to clarify our basic stance on environmental conservation in January 1994, and in December 2002, we revised the Charter to the “Shinko Environmental Policy” because environmental problems have been increasingly diversifying and environmental management has become more important.

Environmental Policy

Through the implementation of the SHINKO Way, our fundamental vision
is to harmonize our corporate activities with the global environment to maintain
and improve the global environment through our product manufacturing.

Guiding Principles

  1. Prioritize environmental conservation as a critical management focus and reduce our impact to the environment.
  2. Seek to reduce risk to human health and the environment.
  3. Make every effort to perform our social responsibility by observing environmental regulations and standards in Japan and abroad.
  4. Strive for continuous improvement of our environmental management system in order to enhance environmental performance.
  5. Contribute to the creation of an abundant society through countermeasures for climate change, effective utilization of resources and conservation of biodiversity.

We set environmental objectives to achieve this environmental policy, and this policy and the objectives are reviewed at least once a year.

Representative Director of Board, President

Kurita Sogo Center(Nagano City)