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Controlling Emissions from Chemical Substances

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Chemicals make people's lives more convenient, but they can have a significant impact on human health and ecosystems.
In order to reduce the negative impact of chemicals on people and ecosystems, the Shinko Group in Japan has established Control Standards for Chemical Substances, and we control and use chemical substances properly.

Chemical Substance Control

Chemical substances used in product development and manufacturing are controlled by checking the transaction volume and the amount of emissions and movement to the environment (atmospheric air, water, and soil) based on the PRTR system1. When previously unused chemical substances are to be processed, they will be used properly after conducting a risk assessment to identify any environmental risks.

1 PRTR system: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register system is the system for collecting and reporting information about chemical substances that are emitted and moved to the environment. This system is defined in the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof and is imposed on business operators handling chemical substances.

Control of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

The information on the chemical substances contained in purchased products is identified and controlled based on chemSHERPA®2, and we have built a system which enables us to respond to customer requests and so that various laws and regulations can be met. We request major suppliers of materials and components to build the CMS (Chemical substances Management System) as a measure to keep hazardous substances out of our products. In addition, we audit chemical substance control status periodically and continually. If an insufficiency is detected, we request that the supplier to correct it and support its improvement.

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2 chemSHERPA®: Chemical information SHaring and Exchange under Reporting PArtnership in supply chain. chemSHERPA® is the data generation tool for obtaining and disseminating information on the chemical substances contained in products and can be used by all business operators involved in processes from raw material procurement to product finishing.

Thorough Measures to Prevent Environmental Pollution

In order to prevent chemical substances from leaking into the natural environment and causing environmental pollution, we have implemented thorough control measures to prevent leakage of chemicals and other substances, and to comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as pollution control agreements.

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