IC Assembly

Sensing Edge Device
(under development)


To meet the need for size reduction of edge device monitoring systems, SHINKO supports production development from system planning stage and trial production. The development and circuit design of prototype sensors designed for use purposes, the module development and design using electromechanical simulation technology, the substrate manufacturing and module assembling, various types of tests and the mass production using software are supported as a one-stop solution.


  • Support of the customers’ sensing module development process from module planning state
  • Support of system verification, module trial production, operation tests, and environmental tests
  • A custom module, characterized by analog-data sensing and data processing design, can be created according to use purposes.
  • Special custom sensors required for equipment monitoring and health care can be developed.
  • Offers the technology of wireless communication in special environments, such as, in a wearable device or a device near metals.
  • Offers PoP (Package on Package) structure modules, flexible-type modules and other small-sized sensing edge devices optimized according to use purpose and use environment.

Example of products

  • Pulse oximeter (SpO2) module
    • Transmissive structure supported. SpO2 sensors using LED (red & infrared) and PD.
    • Ultra-high-density and bendable build-up substrate (F-Babuls) is applied
    • Bare-die-mountable wiring design rule and structure
    • Mounted devices : ARM cortex-M4 CPU, Nordic Bluetooth Low Energy, 3D acceleration



  • Sensing modules for medical, automotive, and industrial devices