Flip-Chip Package Substrate ~DLL®/DLL3®~

* DLL (Direct Laser & Lamination).
DLL and DLL3 are registered trademarks of SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.


Due to the recent performance improvement of IC chips in electronic devices such as PCs, servers, etc., the demand for flip-chip package substrate using build-up process has been increasing due to providing the benefits of higher speed and higher density.
SHINKO provides flip-chip package substrates, DLL®, which have the fine line patterning through the use of a semi additive process, multilayer structure, and excellent electrical characteristics and design flexibility through the use of stacked via structures.
Also, to meet the acceleration of high-density and high-speed of IC chips, the demand for flip-chip package substrates with high density, good electrical performance, and a thinner structure has been increasing. Therefore, SHINKO has developed the coreless package (DLL3®) which has thinner thickness structure coupled with good electrical performance and high design flexibility.


  • High density and design flexibility
    • Smaller-diameter via forming by CO2 or UV laser
    • Flexible via placement
      - Via-on-through-holes
      - Stack vias
      - Pad-on-via / Via-on-pad structure
    • Fine line and space patterning by semi-additive process
    • Fine pad pitch forming
      - Micro balls
      - Copper posts
  • More layer and large substrate size
    • Multilayer structure by reliable build-up process
    • Stress reduction for flip-chip connection by using low-thermal expansion materials
  • Thinner substrate thickness
    • Substrate thickness reduction by using thin core
    • Unmatched thinner thickness structure and enhanced electrical performance by coreless substrate(DLL3®)
  • Green materials can be used
  • Total back-end support such as substrate design, substrate manufacturing and IC assembly





Used in devices requiring high-density routing

  • High-end servers
  • GPU
  • CPU and MPU
  • ASIC
  • FPGA

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