IC Packages/IC Lead Frames

P-BGA Substrate

The Plastic-BGA substrates are mainly used for memory, controller, chipsets, and on-vehicles applications .They are characterized in the RIGID substrates with the base material containing glass cloth and also supplied by strip form.
To meet customer's needs of smaller and higher density as substrates , SHINKO can supply a multilayer Build-up substrate by applying “Finer pattern using a Semi-additives process” and “Stacked via."

Moreover, to meet the demand of thinner, SHINKO has developed the IVH(coreless)package. with an unmatched thinner structure.
These superlative coreless substrates are achieved by removing the core layer.

Also, SHINKO will continue to focus on the development of the next generation substrates.
These substrates will exhibit features that enable even higher-density, more compact and thinner package size required by future markets.

Product name Concept
>2L/4L Substrate BGA Substrate ( Low Cost or High Reliability)
>IVH(with core) Build-up Substrate with core
>IVH(Coreless) Build-up Substrate without core (Removing the core layer)

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