IC Packages/IC Lead Frames

Lead Frame

SHINKO is developing and manufacturing a variety of lead frames, such as stamping lead frames with 256 pins; Enhanced thermal performance lead frames with superior heat-dissipation properties; and Plastic Very Thin Quad Flat Non-leaded(P-VQFN).
We are also developing super fine-pitch, matrix, and deep downset lead frames.
SHINKO strives to improve package development and manufacturing from many perspectives. For example, we are promoting the use of a lead-free palladium plating process, which will contribute toward protecting the global environment.

Product name Concept

(Super Fine Pitch Stamped Lead Frame)

By placing an inner lead close to the IC chip made possible for stabilized production of IC packaging and a significant cost reduction.
>Enhanced Thermal Performance Lead Frame An efficient heat-diffuser particularly suited for devices that require superior thermal dissipation
(Plastic Very Thin Quad Flat Non-leaded)
A CSP built applying lead frame processing technology
(Palladium Pre Plated Lead Frame)
Higher functional characteristics is achieved by palladium plating in addition to nickel-plating on the lead frame.

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