IC Assemblies

Test Service

Test Service


We have established a quality assurance system through years of experience in testing various packages. We provide test services to help our customers with this experience.


  • Provides various electrical test and screening services for various packages


  • O/S (Open/Short) test enables low-cost and efficient terminal connectivity inspection
  • Improve finished product yield through system-level testing and sorting
  • Supports software writing as an IC package service
  • Screening tests such as temperature cycling and overstress application are possible
  • Various services related to the test
    1)Automatic solder ball inspection
    2)Drying and dry pack shipping
    3)Taping shipping

Testing Areas(Semi-clean Room)

  • Testing of electrical properties
  • Automatic inspection of solder balls
  • Temperature cycle screening
  • Baking
  • Tray and tape packing


  • O / S (Open / Short) tester
  • LSI tester (ASIC, MPU)
  • PC-based system tester (RF, Analog, Module)

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