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Device Embedded Package [MCeP®]

Device Embedded Package [MCeP®]

Back : BGA , Surface : SMD(Surface Mount Device)

MCeP (Molded Core embedded Package) is called a device embedded package. It enables to embed multiple devices and components in one package.
We provide the package features compact and thin package size, excellent electric characteristics, and high reliability enabled by our own packaging technology.


  • Embedded package structure for semiconductor chips and mounted components


  • Achieved with conventional assembly processes
  • Excellent package structure in miniaturization, low profile and low warpage
  • Fine pitch flip chip interconnection with thin die
  • Flexible pad array on Top Substrate
  • High yield, high reliability and short TAT with Die last process




  • Substitution of PoP ( Package on Package )
  • Substitution of SiP ( System in Package)
  • Small Modules
* MCeP is a registered trademark of SHINKO ELECTRIC IDUSTRIES CO., LTD. We have patents for this product

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