IC Packages/IC Lead Frames

Build-up Substrate

DLL®(Direct Laser & Lamination)



  • Build-up Substrate with Flip Chip interconnection
  • High wiring density & high performance IC package


  • Produced by Direct Laser & Lamination (DLL®) Process
  • CO2 laser is used for blind via forming
  • Semi-additive process is applied for build-up layer
  • Enhanced electrical performance by multi-layer structure
  • Applied green materials
  • Total package support such as substrate design, substrate manufacturing and IC assembly




  • In devices such as MPUs and ASICs for which high-density routing is required

DLL®Process advantages

  • Build-up thermo-set organic film
    • Easy to control the insulator thickness
    • Various insulator thickness are available (20~40um)
    • Good uniformity of insulator thickness
    • Good insulation due to thermo-set material
  • CO2 Laser drilling
    • Micro blind via increase the design flexibility and wiring density
    • CO2 Laser drilling process is simple process rather than photo via process
    • Good capability of via diameter
  • FC Pad
    • Available pre-soldering and Ni/Pd/Au plating for surface finish
    • Via on pad structure
  • PTH cap plating
    • Plated via on PTH structure can be formed
  • Semi additive patterning
    • The routing density is increased by semi additive process
    • Good via reliability and adhesion of trace can be obtained by optimized process condition

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*DLL is a registered trademark of SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

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