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Build-up Substrate

Related to the recent performance improvement of electronic devices using Build-up Substrates produced by the Direct Laser & Lamination (DLL®) Process, have seen increases in demand due to achieving the dual benefits of higher-speed and higher-density. We, SHINKO, achieved these requirements by providing Build-up Substrates that have the outstanding features of fine line patterning through the use of a semi additive process, multi-layer structure, excellent electric characteristics and design flexibility through the use of stacked via structures.

Also IC design and technology has accelerated the use of high-density and high-speed packages. These packages have strong requirements for high-density, good electrical performance and a thinner structure.
Therefore, SHINKO developed the coreless package(DLL3®) which has an unmatched thinner structure coupled with good electrical performance and high design flexibility. This superlative coreless package was achieved by removing the core layer which held back electrical performance and design flexibility.

Also, SHINKO will continue to focus on the development of the next generation packages. These packages will exhibit features that enable even higher-speed, higher-density, more compact and thinner package size required by future markets.

Product name Concept
> DLL® (Direct Laser & Lamination) Build-up Substrate with Flip Chip interconnection
>DLL3® (Coreless Substrate) Applied DLL® technology
High wiring density and high performance IC package Available thinner structure

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