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Standard Package [FBGA/FLGA]

Wire bonding

We undertake IC package assembly on consignment, and use plastic laminated substrates, tape substrates and interposers to perform assembly. Package types available are BGA, CSP, and others. In addition to offering ordinary wire bonding for internal connections, we offer advanced package functions with flip-chip connections that support small package sizes and high speeds, depending on the requirements of the device.
We also offer test services, thereby providing total support for packages from assembly to final testing.


  • A fine-pitch BGA using a laminate substrate


  • Small sized packages, close to chip size are possible
  • The size of the package can be chosen, as it is possible to adjust the size of the external mold by sawing
  • A simple wire bonded structure
  • Fine-pitched routing on the substrate enables cost reduction
  • We offer total support from the design and manufacture of the interposer to assembly and test




  • Low Power Memory / ASIC
  • Flash Memory, SRAM, DRAM, and ASIC (MPU)

Package Support Range

  • Number of pins: approximately 500pins or below
  • External size: 3mmSQ to 21mmSQ
  • Ball pitch: 0.80mm / 0.75mm / 0.65mm / 0.50mm / 0.40mm less

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