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In the semiconductor industry, the latest technology is to integrate multiple chip functions on to one chip to create a System on a Chip (SoC). While this technology has already been commercialized, the integrating of chips with different functions (e.g., silicon and GaAs) is difficult. There are also other challenges such as long lead times and rising costs of development.
One of the possible technology solutions to these problems is the System in Package (SiP) . The SiP integrates multiple chips in one package and allows the product to function as a whole system. This helps in the miniaturization and sophistication of such devices. It is also possible to integrate semiconductors with different processes in the same package. Along with the semiconductor SiPs, there are function modules such as GPS modules with soldered passive parts. SHINKO is involved with the manufacture of these GPS modules.
Aside from the usual wire-bonding connections between the chip and the interposer, we have developed and are already mass-producing Flip Chip (FC) connections. FC technology allows further miniaturization of products with higher speeds. FC technology will be used in a large number of products in the future.

Product name Concept
Stacked-FBGA (MCP) A multi-chip package with ICs stacked on the substrate
POP (Package on Package) Stackable package structure
Device Embedded Package [MCeP®] Silicon chip ( Passives) embedded package structure

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