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Fiscal Year 2017 data

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Explanations of Terms
Energy Amount of energy such as electricity, heavy oil, and natural gas related to production operations
Natural energy Amount of electricity generated from solar power
Raw materials Amount of raw materials, semiprocessed goods, and parts used in products
Chemical Substances Amount of PRTR-subject substances handled
Water input Amount of new water input to plants, etc.
Water recycling rate (Water use - Water input) / Water use
Energy (distribution) Amount of transportation energy used to deliver products to customers in Japan

CO2 Emissions of carbon dioxide associated with consumption of energy used at plants, etc. (computed based on the Fujitsu Group GHG Protocol)
Scope 1 is emission of CO2 from heavy oil, gas, diesel, and Scope 2 is from electricity
Greenhouse gases besides CO2 Greenhouse gases besides CO2 (CH4, CF4, and SF6) emitted from plants, etc., according to the Global Warming Potential (GWP) measure (Scope1)
NOx Amount of NOx emitted from boilers at plants, etc.
SOx Amount of SOx emitted from boilers at plants, etc.
Effluent Amount of water discharged from plants, etc., to sewerage and rivers, etc.
BOD Amount of BOD (biochemical oxygen demand; an indicator of organic pollution in rivers) discharged in effluent from plants, etc.
Chemical substances Emissions of PRTR-subject substances
Discharge Gross discharge of unneeded material from plants, etc.
Valuables Amount of discharge sold as valuable resources
Effectively used waste Amount of discharge sent for recycling
Processed waste Amount of discharge discarded through simple incineration and burial (including waste not subject to zero emissions calculations)
Effective utilization rate (Valuable + effectively used waste) / Discharge
CO2 (distribution) Emissions of CO2 associated with consumption of transportation energy used to deliver products to customers in Japan

* Target of the Input and Output is the Shinko Group in Japan.

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