Environmental Activities

Topics of Environmental Activities

An explanation about our environmental activities that we especially emphasize.

Recycling of Hydrochloric acid

The waste water which fulfills the conditions of "low metal composition", "low organic matter ingredient" and "acid waste water in which a fixed quantity of Free-acid which has not been combined with metal exists" was collected from the acid waste water discharged from a plating process for another piping, and it decided to utilize as a chemical for regeneration of ion-exchange resin (recycling Hydrochloric acid).

By having developed the regeneration processing method which uses the original acid waste water of our company, the amount of purchase of the Hydrochloric acid used for ion-exchange resin regeneration has reduced by 30%.

Moreover, the Caustic soda which neutralizes the waste Hydrochloric acid discharged after ion-exchange resin regeneration has also been reduced by 25%.

Cascade use of waste heat

Although heat was radiated to the outside air after sending the waste heat which comes out of a production facility to the cooling tower as it was cooling conventionally. But in TAKAOKA new building, waste heat is not simply thrown away, the outside air is warmed in winter, and it is reusing to heating.

Thereby, the steam which was being made for warming of the outside air has been reduced by 25%.

Moreover, since the temperature of the waste heat sent to a cooling tower by outside air heating falls, the re-cooled energies are also reduced.

Adoption of LED lighting

About the lighting used in a factory, it changed from a fluorescent light to LED sharply.

Generation of heat from a lamp besides the use reduction of resources by the exchange frequency of LED lighting of operating electric energy reduction (reduction ratio is about 40% against fluorescent light) or an electric bulb decreasing has led also to the air-conditioning load reduction in a clean room.

Simultaneously, task Ambient lighting was also adopted.

Had attached the lighting so that the whole might become the same brightness conventionally, but a TAKAOKA new building has aimed at reduction of the total energies about lighting, when the whole factory is made into brightness (Ambient lighting) minimum with a mercury lamp and only a required part attaches partial lighting (task illumination).

Automation of free cooling

Up to now, stop the refrigerator to make the air-conditioning and production for cold water in winter, we introduced the outside air cooling equipment incorporated into the direct indoor cooling and free cooling to build a cold water to cool the water using cold outside air.

However, since the man-hours it takes manually switching the piping system, we have implemented only the middle of winter the temperature drops by day and night continuously, but in TAKAOKA new building, it was made to be switched always automatic.

Introduction of controller that automatically control the number of operating compressor and boiler

A high-pressure compressor and the boiler being set up by plurals by each factory additionally adjust the number of operating steps to the load.

The controller judges to be the most efficient, and the number of operating steps has been changed by the automatic operation by the introduction of the automatic number controller in the equipment though it runs short and the worker judges the situation and the stop work at the additional operation surplus was operated by hand power so far. It is useful also for the achievement of the production by the minimum energy, the man-hour reduction of the worker, and the stable operation of the factory.

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