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SHINKO has established a global network of 18 sales locations to meet customized global needs. With a swift response to needs and careful support of customers at nearby sales locations, we focus on establishing speedy customer response systems for all stages from research, design and development to mass production and the provision of products, in close cooperation with our respective customers.
Moreover, we promote innovative production activities to ensure the stable provision of highly competitive products and improve the product quality and yield rate for production, as well as lead-time reduction, by fully taking advantage of original production process/equipment development technologies.

Pursuit of Optimal Solutions with Customers via Research to Address Next-Generation Needs

To meet the next-generation semiconductor packaging needs, the SHINKO R&D CENTER, our R&D base, engages in basic research and material/process development activities from different viewpoints such as electricity, physics and chemistry. Every manufacting Div. has a dedicated research section undertakes R&D activities focused on market trends, including the integrated use of existing technologies and the effective use of existing production facilities.
In our joint research projects with customers, we respect partnerships and emphasize good corporate and human relations. We aim to enhance the value of our products by not only meeting the requirements of the initial road map but also proposing original technologies. Thus, we strive for close communications with customers by submitting a progress report and sharing tasks to be resolved.

A Supply Chain Established in Response to Market Changes

To swiftly cope with changes in demand-supply relations, SHINKO has globally established SCM (supply chain management) in search of more efficient operational flows from the procurement of materials to the delivery of products to customers.

We strongly advocate "production at Japanese plants," through which each production system is streamlined by product category, allowing us to smoothly start up appropriate production lines through the processes of prototype engineering, quality evaluation and mass production, apart from the improvement of product quality. In addition, research related departments and production plants cooperate in creating a good operational environment where specific measures to improve product quality and the production yield rate are easily reviewed on a routine basis even after mass production has started.

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