Research & Development

Feature of R&D

SHINKO started selling glass-to-metal seals for transistors in 1959. Over the half a century since, we have delivered the products and technologies needed by the semiconductor industry.
To continue addressing the ever-increasing demands of this highly competitive market, we recognize the necessity of relentlessly anticipating future needs and then producing the required solutions. “Sustainable Growth” is our aim as we respond to the next generation of customer needs through refinements in our core technologies and through leading-edge R&D.

R&D that Pursues the “Living Market” and “Living Technology”

Since our founding in 1946, we have accumulated internally developed technologies to support product manufacturing. Over a long history, our skills in product design, stamping, firing-and-forming, surface preparation, and equipment development, which together made possible our light bulb recycling business, have advanced and continue today as our core competencies.
Moreover, the industry’s myriad assembly methods will require new techniques which we will introduce not only from refining our core technologies, but also through collaboration with other companies.

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The semiconductor package market is the heart of our business. As it changes, and drives our customers’ specifications, we aim at this “Living Market” with “Living Technology”, the constant advancement of our core competencies.

Recognizing and Reinforcing Global Technology Movements

The striking changes in today’s market needs are causing us in turn, to respond with meaningful adjustments to our R&D technology. The ability to understand shifts in the broad market is a must as we are in the midst of seeing applications of electronic devices becoming more attractive than the hardware itself. We will participate in the ecosystems of industry, government, and academia to recognize and reinforce the course of global technology.


A Development Framework that Swiftly Delivers Solutions to Market Needs

For our products to meet the specifications and price expectations of customers, supporting manufacturing processes with strong R&D technology is essential.
There is much to be gained going beyond the normal optimizing product feature sets and confirming product plans with experiments. The examination of natural scientific phenomena, and the accompanying logical explanations, will lead us to new fields and hence, new competition, both of which will make us stronger. For this reason we have the SHINKO R&D Center. Here we conduct basic research and develop materials and processes using electricity, physics, chemistry, and other fundamental sciences.
Furthermore, to swiftly reflect market needs, we are conducting the most apt technological development by various means, such as merging existing techniques and leveraging existing production equipment and facilities in each operational department.
In particular, concurrent design, simultaneously designing and analyzing, is shortening the development process and enabling rapid introduction of products to customers.


We continue to push ahead, backed by our R&D packaging expertise of connecting semiconductors to each other. And in doing so, we are also contributing to connecting semiconductors to the people of the world.

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