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Low Temperature Solder Bonding


A substrate may have large warpage and high stress with typically used lead-free solders (Sn-Ag and Sn-Ag-Cu) due to the high melting point of these solder materials. Using low temp Sn-Bi solder which is able to bond at temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius or lower, we can reduce warpage and stress of packages, and improve in reliability of packaging.


  • Low temp. bonding : Low temperature bonding technology by Sn-Bi solder.
  • Reliability : Warpage/stress reduction at solder joint and improvement of electro migration resistance.
  • Property control : Suitable selection of surface treatment, solder composition and process condition.
  • Analysis : Optimized design and failure analysis with the most advanced analyzer.
  • Environment : Reduction of energy consumption for production.


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