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Hermetic seal technology Ceramic technology Multilayer build-up technology IC assembly technology Precision machining technology Plating technology Organic material processing technology Photolithography and etching technology

Hermetic seal technology

This is the traditional technology of SHINKO, since its establishment. Hermetic packaging technologies which connect glass, and ceramics to various metals are used widely in areas such as semiconductor lasers and sensors for in-car use.

Ceramic technology

This technology involves the specific processes of firing and forming of ceramic. Ceramic electrostatic chucks are widely used for wafer processes.

Multilayer build-up technology

This technology is based on a sequential build-up process with micro-interconnection. This increases the design flexibility and electrical performance. It is used for large scale manufacturing of high density routing required devices.

IC assembly technology

This technology promotes miniaturizing, thinning, and lightening of advanced packages for mobile devices. One of the possible technology solutions is the System-in-Package.

Precision machining technology

This technology is indispensable for fine pitch electrical devices processed by high aspect ratio, and low stress stamping.

Plating technology

This technology is indispensable for high density circuit patterns and solder bumps for flip chip on the entire surface of an IC chip. It is literally a core technology of SHINKO.

Organic material processing technology

This technology aims at packaging solutions for high performance, low cost, reduced weight and thinner substrate. A sequential build-up process using laser drilling provides high precision organic materials with for blind vias.

Photolithography and etching technology

Photolithograph technology to form a fine circuit pattern using an optical method and etching technology are indispensable for fine pattern processing.

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