Ceramic Electro Static Chucks

Ceramic Electro Static Chucks


SHINKO designs ceramic electro static chucks which are widely used for wafer processing (etching, CVD), LCD processing etc.
SHINKO offers high quality, low price, short delivery times and manufactures using consistent production process such as firing and forming of ceramic, assembly and inspection.
SHINKO supports to ensure the success of customer's needs.


  • We can supply the most suitable ceramic electro static chuck(ESC) that is adapted to customer's needs by using technology developed by SHINKO for many years.
  • We can propose design and machining that corresponds to our equipment in the manufacture of ceramic electro static chucks.


  • Material : Alumina ceramic
  • Dimension : Max size ø450mm
  • Ceramic thick : 0.8∼15.0mm
  • Temperature : -20°C∼ +300°C (Differs depending on conditions)
  • Surface : We have the ability to offer Helium groove machining, emboss surface and optional surface roughness for wafer cooling by Helium.




  • Wafer process : Etching, Ashing, CVD, PVD
  • FPD process
  • Transfer tools


Square for FPD

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