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Hermetic Sealing Technology

This technology has been used since our company was founded, first applied to recycling household lightbulbs. Technology that joins metal, glass, and more while maintaining air tightness is used in products that require a high degree of hermetic sealing and resistance to high temperatures.

Ceramic Processing Technology

This technology turns ceramic powder into a paste and hardens it into a variety of shapes. Metal pattern wiring and drilling on ceramics are available at our company. While this technology was used for manufacturing semiconductor packages, at present, they are also used for manufacturing the core parts (ceramic electro static chucks) of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Multi-Layering Technology

This technology is used to produce substrates with multilayer wiring. With our fine-wiring forming technology and mass-production capacity, we support the evolution of advanced semiconductors.

IC Assembly Technology

Our technology assembles various types of semiconductor devices. We have the technology for wafer thinning, electrically connecting IC chips to substrates, and molding with dedicated material to protect the IC chips from external environment.

Die Making and Precision Machining Technology

We have the technology for stamping and drawing materials with high precision, and use it to produce various types of dies and precision parts.

High-precision Plating Technology

Our high-precision plating technology applies to various materials used in semiconductor packages. The resulting materials gain characteristics required for semiconductor packages, such as electrical connectivity and corrosion resistance properties.

Organic Material Processing Technology

We have the technology for processing plastic materials mechanically, chemically, physically, and thermally. This is an important technology for making semiconductor packages smaller, thinner, and lightweight.

Photolithography and Etching Technology

Photolithography is a fine-wiring forming technology based on photographic development technology. Etching is a metal melting technology using corrosive action of chemical agents. With this high-precision technology, we can form electric circuits thinner than the width of a human hair.

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