We, SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. care about your right to privacy. This PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT explains how we intend to handle properly any personally identifying information you give us, based on our consciousness of corporate social responsibility. Personally identifying information is information that enables us to identify you, for example, your name, home address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

  • At each individual section that handles personally identifying information, we assign the employee that manages the protections and restrictions at the section and provide each staff of the obligations to take necessary actions to maintain security.
  • We use any personally identifying information to perform our obligation under contract, or to serve your need by our development of our product and/or service. We may offer information on our product and/or service upon your request by using personally identifying information. If we use personally identifying information for any other purpose, we strictly observe our policy to ask your prior consent.
  • We aim to protect personally identifying information you share with us. We will never disclose personally identifying information you share with us, to a third party without your prior consent or by order of a governmental authority. In such case that we disclose personally identifying information upon your consent, we will have the party of the disclosure observe our policy by contract.
  • If you simply want to opt out of, or change any personally identifying information we have stored, you may contact us and request. We will make a sincere effort to honor your wishes.

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